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Gensos supercritical gasification technology can process wet waste at less than half of typical disposal costs, while recovering more biogas energy and phosphorus minerals.

Wet waste

Wet waste is produced in considerable quantities. Examples are sewage sludge, animal manure, the wet fraction from municipal waste and digestate. These waste streams cannot be disposed of to the environment without proper processing. Currently available techniques are often too costly and have limited results.

For whom

Our technology enables wet waste producers to save on waste management costs, while reducing their environment footprint. Examples are waste water treatment facilities, municipal waste processors, cow and pig farms and food processors. By recovering renewable energy and minerals from their waste streams, they can create a sustainable business and environment.

What we offer

Gensos has developed a novel technology based on supercritical gasification that can break down wet and watery organic waste further than conventional methods. The waste is converted into renewable gas (up to 50 percent more than current methods), natural minerals and process water.

About Gensos

Gensos develops and commercializes supercritical gasification technology. Our proven and patented technology, continued research and process development and strategic partnerships enable us to advance frontiers in the valorization of wet waste and set the standard.

Our partners